Communicate with management staff 

Reduce phone calls

Staff member allocation

Special instructions for foreman

Client contact details

Job address

Daily weather forecast

Workflow expectations


Detailed site dairy

Track delays/progress/issues on site with evidence

Manage your site diary

Customise log sheet to your company’s specific needs

Store all info in the cloud

Record photos, comments, annotated site drawings and level tags

Access quickly at the touch of a button


Timesheet & payroll

Manage timesheets in real time

Never chase payroll information again

Get the information coming to you

Neo Intelligence collates time sheets for you

Fully customisable timesheets to suit your needs


Site instruction/variations with digital sign offs

Digital sign offs on the spot

Once completed and saved, variation templates are ready for management to view, invoice and send to clients


Manage staff & performance

Easily allocate staff to projects

Send SMS notifications and receive availability alerts

Mange and record staff performance

Have the best men on the job


Manage staff/client/project info

Manage staff information

Manage client information

Manage project information

Closely track all project info remotely


Custom form builder & site safety

Build your own company forms

Keep QA checks and sign offs digital

Send forms to clients on the spot

Keep track of safety including toolbox talks and incident reports


Plant & equipment register

Keep track of all plant & equipment

Allocate plant & equipment to projects or staff members

Find location of tools instantly

Never lose equipment again

Keep record of defect history

Save money on replacing plant & equipment

Keep inventory in proper working order at all times


Access information quickly & manage multiple projects on the move

Stop wasting time trying to pull up information from a previous days work

Access information quickly

Record keeping made easy

Sort projects based on stage/status


Run detailed reports

Manage project delays

Manage material deliveries and dockets

Manage defects

Customiseable fields to suit you

Generate detailed reports on site safety and incidents


Integrated with Payroll & Accounting Software