How Tech is Disrupting Construction


Shaking the Foundations

A recent article published on The Deal says “The construction industry is ripe for disruption.” We would have to agree.

It continues to tell us “Disruption happens to industries that have poor communication, wasted resources, cumbersome processes, lots of ticket-clippers and an attitude of ‘this is the way things are done, mate’.

Does this sound familiar?

Unfortunately too many construction business owners are operating like grandfathers while major players are getting ahead with innovative tools like “drones, robots, prefab units and online management platforms”.

The 330,000 small builders & contractors who still scribble notes, rely on paper quotes and micro-manage their business are getting behind in this $350 billion dollar industry.

We know that introducing technology into construction can cause a lot of fear and distress. People worry about their jobs being replaced or that workers won’t use the technology in a traditionally pen and paper world.

Knowing this, we developed an easy to use app called Neo Intel. It can manage your business from anywhere at anytime without the paper trail. We built it for the average bloke in construction, in a language they are used to. Our aim was to make it as easy as possible to slot into your business with minimal disruption to your team.

We knew that the software had to be so simple to use that a tradesman, despite background or education could learn/use the app quickly. We also knew that margins in the building and construction industry were tight. Our app needed to return a decent investment on every dollar spent in costs savings and efficiencies. And it does.

Neo Intel is an affordable, easy to use solution that delivers savings well beyond the initial investment.  We did a lot of research and found none of the existing software providers talked to the tradie that left school at 16 in order to chase an apprenticeship. They were more focused on the fancy tech itself then the person using it. We knew that if we could solve that hurdle, the rest would flow.

We are very proud of the app we have developed for tradies like us. If you want to know more about how the right platform can help your business grow get in touch.  We are tradies and can talk your language.

Read the full article by Deirdre Macken “Shaking the Foundations” on The Deal website here.