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Streamlining Communication, Boosting Morale: Construction Software’s Contribution in a Labour-Short Market

Communication is the most important tool on site. Use it well, and it makes work easier, reduces problems and engages people across the business. Alternatively, poor communication can allow errors to creep in, and for staff to disengage and look elsewhere. In a time of labour shortages, problems with communication can have dire effects on […]


Meet the Team: Introducing Matt Loft

In this article, we introduce you to Matt Loft our new Queensland based Business Development Manager. Matt shares his career story. Discover what prompted his move from GM of a well-known Civil and Commercial Concrete Construction Company to that of a Business Development Manager for a construction tech company.  Matt moved to the Sunshine Coast […]

Digital Transformation Improving Productivity

Contractor Management Software — What You Need To Know

Contractor management software is a tool that companies can adopt and use when they work with temporary employees. It’s a management platform that streamlines work with subcontractors. With a quick and simple software solution, you can easily manage your operations. Software for subcontractors can automate communication, payroll and maximise overall productivity. This helps to boost performance […]

Digital Transformation Improving Productivity

Resource Planning & Scheduling – Why Construction Software is the Way to Go

Construction is an industry that has so many players and is constantly meeting the needs of modern innovation. Mistakes can be costly and damaging. With growing technological innovation, the industry can only benefit from going digital. Across the board, owners, contractors, and subcontractors will find themselves communicating seamlessly with construction scheduling software. Worksites will be […]

Digital Transformation Improving Productivity

Construction Management Software Can Streamline Your Operation

Managing a construction industry business can be a very complex undertaking, especially where there are multiple sites and labour challenges in terms of scheduling and daily management. Construction management software is taking much of the hassle out of juggling staff across multiple sites and providing added transparency to business managers across their operation as they […]

Digital Transformation Improving Productivity

What Features Should You Look For In A Subcontractor Management System

Not all subcontractor management systems are the same. Designed correctly, the right management system for your business will free you up to concentrate on the important aspects of managing and growing your operation. The right software system will remove some of the big obstacles business managers and owners face with subcontractor management. Managing staff and […]