J&R Steelfixers


J&R Steelfixers is one of Melbourne’s biggest steel fixing companies and is experiencing a massive $213k saving per year since implementing Neo Intel. They have also grown by 60% since implementing. These saving are made of:

•    $25k yearly saving in time taken to invoice completed works
•    $8k savings per year processing payroll
•    $120k yearly saving in disputed invoices
•    $60k yearly savings in time efficiencies scheduling labour


How has Neo Intellignece improved your Invoicing & Payroll?

Invoicing used to take us a week to do most months. We used to spend so much time scrambling for information. Now we have our steel schedules coming through on a daily basis along with any day labour dockets. It’s really good to know that when I need it, the information is there and I know that there is nothing missing. Processing payroll is heaps easier now as well, I just don’t think we could go back to a paper-based system which relied heavily on my diary.

 How did your employees feel about using technology?

I was a little concerned at the start, I think that’s why it took me so long to make the commitment but surprisingly the boys ran with it from the word go with minimal training. It was a lot easier then I originally thought.

 How is Neo Intelligence saving you time?

I’ve thrown away my paper diary. I could never go back to writing 50 names on a page over and over again on a daily basis afraid that I’m going to miss someone. The scheduling feature alone has saved me at least 3 hours per day. The information is coming to me now, which means I have more time to win work and nurture my relationships. Everything is there when I need it, instead of scrambling for information at the last minute. Since implementing Neo Intel, I have grown my workforce from 50 to 85 with less work to run the operation.

 How has Neo Intellignece improved your life and given you peace of mind?

I recently went on a trip to Singapore for 2 weeks. I was a little worried about leaving the business especially because I was so far away. But everyday I was checking the ipad and I could see exactly where the boys were at, how much they had completed and I could even schedule them for the following days work. I had every bit of information with my when I needed it, which it made it easy for me to enjoy my time away. And the operation didn’t miss a beat.

 - Luke Ruhi-Te Aute

J&R Steelfixers