For fieldworkers

Let's power up your field team communication

Our Neo Fieldworker app is designed to simplify daily communication and project information for on-site staff. Field workers can access schedules and project details and submit timesheets and diary notes anytime, anywhere.

By streamlining daily tasks directly from the back office via Neo Admin Console, both on and off-site teams have more time to focus on their work.

With the support of our powerful tool designed for the modern construction industry, fieldworkers can easily tackle any task.

easy implementation

Designed for one-step onboarding

Time is valuable on the job. So fieldworkers need an intuitive, simple workflow for fast-paced and safe work.

Our app is easy to use, even for the most old-school tradie or foreman and offers comprehensive training to help your team adapt to new technology.

Automated Notifications

Fieldworkers won't miss information ever again

Avoid shift no-shows caused by missed meetings, calls, and emails by keeping your assigned roster in sync with notifications personalised for each member. That way, everyone stays on the same page.

Operations Manager, QRC:
"With Neo, there is longer a myriad of ways to keep critical information with the risk of records and data being lost. Onsite, our workers can carry out all their compliance and scheduling tasks, complete the site diary, log into their profile on the app to sign on and off, and request leave with the Fieldworker app."
Digitised Project Details

Construct with full confidence and visibility

Keep your field team informed and connected with all your project details in their back pocket.

With the Fieldworker app, your staff can view site instructions, add site diary data, and log hours from their device. Ensuring everyone stays in the loop and your project runs smoothly.

onboarding accelerated

Our 3-week client
onboarding process

Neo Intelligence understands that effective change within an organisation requires more than just a checklist of tasks.

That’s why we’ve designed a training program that prioritises learning and ongoing support, customised to meet the specific needs of each business.

Implementation takes three weeks to ensure your team has the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Stage 1 - System setup and data entry
Stage 2 - Identify and create custom built forms
Stage 3: Train management on workflow processes
Stage 3: Train field team on app processes
Stage 5: roll-out with ongoing support
active users
projects done
Glorious Years
Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying

Riverview Concrete Formwork
Riverview Concrete Formwork
Bill Pisimissi, Director
"For me, the doubt was the hardest thing to deal with as a business owner. Staying informed in real time using Neo Intelligence to understand what is happening in my business helps me on a huge scale to manage that."
Quality Results Concrete
Quality Results Concrete
Ashley Johnson, General Manager
“It was a full time task for someone just in scheduling. Daily changes to schedules were difficult to manage with a paper-based system. Neo Intelligence reduced this huge task so we can now be productive elsewhere.”
High Rise Carpentry
High Rise Carpentry
Damien Lucev, Construction Manager
"Before Neo Intelligence, I wouldn't know where everybody was. Now whenever I need, I can go on the platform, look at every project and know where everybody is, where they can be taken and where they need to be."
The Steel Fixing Group
The Steel Fixing Group
Spiros Mamary, Director
"Neo Intelligence is a brilliant system to manage all crew and project information in one platform. We used to spend each afternoon stressing about staff allocation for the next day. Now, it's just 30 minutes daily, allowing more time to focus on business growth."

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