Project Management

Centralise project, resource and record management,
reduce admin time by 75%

Improve project visibility

Securely access and manage all staff and project data in one place.

Ensure continuous compliance

Embed workplace safety into your workflows with flexible form templates that simplify compliance.

Strengthen record management

Uploaded records are automatically organised and stored in the cloud for easy accessibility ready to defend any claims.

Streamline timesheets and payroll

Integrate timesheet data directly into your payroll software for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Error-free resource planning

View available and allocated lists of staff and equipment to utilise accurately across projects simultaneously.

Access detailed live reports

Get actionable insights through fully customisable, live dashboards and reporting. Track trends and patterns for more efficient operations.

Project Calendar

Plan and track your project calendar anywhere

Whether an operations manager or a project manager, project visibility is critical for on-time and on-budget delivery. With daily and lifetime views of your project calendar stored in the cloud, you have the tools to make the right decisions and quickly drive business success.

Daily Log Forms

Increase efficiency and
quality of daily log forms

Empower supervisors to keep track of every site detail to record and file daily log forms faster without hassle. Our platform automates many aspects of the logging process, allowing supervisors to quickly record timesheets and diary notes, log equipment and complete crucial forms for site safety and QA each day— freeing their time to focus on essential tasks.

All data is stored in the Neo Admin console, allowing the back office to maintain a high-level view of site progress with a concise summary that shows whether progress aligns with the schedule.

Resource Allocation

Complete visibility of resource availability

Easily keep track of staff and equipment availability with up-to-date information on who’s on leave, already assigned and available within the project calendar. Drag and drop resources into your project calendar and choose shift times within a few clicks.

As you edit the schedule, your staff and equipment list is automatically updated to ensure resources are correctly added to projects.

Staff communication

Create and communicate
staff schedules in seconds

Communicate staff schedules and project information from anywhere by sending bulk SMS and app notifications from Neo Admin Console. Reach one or many with automatic personalised messages in the most cost and time-efficient way.

Live Reporting

Make informed decisions
in real-time

Access critical data, identify bottlenecks, and continuously improve operations with Neo Intelligence’s pre-built and customisable reports.

Our system streamlines and automates data collection from various sources, providing clear and insightful visualisations of performance in your own personalised dashboard.

Our technology

Tools to execute your workflow end to end

Cloud storage for real-time data

Keep your workforce up to date with live data sharing in the cloud, enabling instant communication and information sharing between anyone, including day subcontractors.

Access from any device

Neo Field Worker, Neo Supervisor and Neo Admin Console are available on any device, placing the focused information in the right team member's hands, not lost in the ute tray.

Custom integrations and development

Transform your business processes and enable a seamless and secure single touch-point to meet your entire construction operation's unique needs.

Intuitive design to fuel productivity

Easy-to-onboard, easy-to-use. Your entire team has the power to collect, consume and action business operation information—from project creation to completion.


What our clients are saying

Riverview Concrete Formwork
Riverview Concrete Formwork
Bill Pisimissi, Director
"For me, the doubt was the hardest thing to deal with as a business owner. Staying informed in real time using Neo Intelligence to understand what is happening in my business helps me on a huge scale to manage that."
Quality Results Concrete
Quality Results Concrete
Ashley Johnson, General Manager
“It was a full time task for someone just in scheduling. Daily changes to schedules were difficult to manage with a paper-based system. Neo Intelligence reduced this huge task so we can now be productive elsewhere.”
High Rise Carpentry
High Rise Carpentry
Damien Lucev, Construction Manager
"Before Neo Intelligence, I wouldn't know where everybody was. Now whenever I need, I can go on the platform, look at every project and know where everybody is, where they can be taken and where they need to be."
The Steel Fixing Group
The Steel Fixing Group
Spiros Mamary, Director
"Neo Intelligence is a brilliant system to manage all crew and project information in one platform. We used to spend each afternoon stressing about staff allocation for the next day. Now, it's just 30 minutes daily, allowing more time to focus on business growth."

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