Live Reporting

Real-time reporting to drive completion
and reduce admin work by 50%

Company-wide data

Get a bird's eye reporting view across all sites and drill down on data.

Site level data

Run site-wide reports to keep track of metrics like hours worked and staff counts.

Asset management

Know where equipment is located at the touch of a button.

Customisable reports

Build your own custom reports to suit your unique business requirements.

Attach notes, files and pictures

Because sometimes you need more than numbers to understand the big picture.

Stakeholder-ready reports

Easily export detailed information in a variety of formats in seconds.

Data simplified

Eliminate manual reporting

Gain complete visibility into your overall business operations with automatic data collection from site events and compliance to productivity levels. Contextualise data to identify factors that impact availability, performance and quality quickly.

Customer success:
Since implementing Neo Intelligence early 2022, Precision Painting has reduced the time it takes to prepare a site report by 50% and is making a cost saving of $15K per year on tasks such as allocating resources, confirming the availability of people, sending sms, and receiving replies from subcontractors.
Report on Productivity

See your business
strength in numbers

Get a pulse check on the productivity of your entire business in one high-level dashboard. Monitor performance metrics like staff count, scheduled time and overtime across projects and clients.

Budgeted vs actual labour

Track labour hours against estimates and stay within budget

Track your labour, so you know where you can optimise labour efficiency and adjust your workforce size when you need.


Track and report on any form

View all hazards, risks, incidents, injury, variation and compliance forms to limit their impact. Use customisable form templates and provide team training to comply with health, safety and compliance regulations.

Our technology

Tools to execute your workflow end to end

Cloud storage for real-time data

Keep your workforce up to date with live data sharing in the cloud, enabling instant communication and information sharing between anyone, including day subcontractors.

Access from any device

Neo Field Worker, Neo Supervisor and Neo Admin Console are available on any device, placing the focused information in the right team member's hands, not lost in the ute tray.

Custom integrations and development

Transform your business processes and enable a seamless and secure single touch-point to meet your entire construction operation's unique needs.

Intuitive design to fuel productivity

Easy-to-onboard, easy-to-use. Your entire team has the power to collect, consume and action business operation information—from project creation to completion.

Client Testimonails

What our clients are saying

Riverview Concrete Formwork
Riverview Concrete Formwork
Bill Pisimissi, Director
"For me, the doubt was the hardest thing to deal with as a business owner. Staying informed in real time using Neo Intelligence to understand what is happening in my business helps me on a huge scale to manage that."
Quality Results Concrete
Quality Results Concrete
Ashley Johnson, General Manager
“It was a full time task for someone just in scheduling. Daily changes to schedules were difficult to manage with a paper-based system. Neo Intelligence reduced this huge task so we can now be productive elsewhere.”
High Rise Carpentry
High Rise Carpentry
Damien Lucev, Construction Manager
"Before Neo Intelligence, I wouldn't know where everybody was. Now whenever I need, I can go on the platform, look at every project and know where everybody is, where they can be taken and where they need to be."
The Steel Fixing Group
The Steel Fixing Group
Spiros Mamary, Director
"Neo Intelligence is a brilliant system to manage all crew and project information in one platform. We used to spend each afternoon stressing about staff allocation for the next day. Now, it's just 30 minutes daily, allowing more time to focus on business growth."

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