Construction Payroll Management Software

Slash timesheet and payroll processing by 90% and
admin time by 75% while ensuring accuracy and compliance

Effortless Single-Touch Payroll

Simplify your payroll to just a few clicks,
reducing human error and transforming
payroll into an effortless task.

Geo-Location for Accurate Tracking

Eliminate time theft and ensure timesheet accuracy with our geo-location timesheeting, giving you confidence in every entry.

Integration with Your Payroll Systems

Connect seamlessly with existing payroll software like Xero and MYOB, streamlining your process
and eliminating manual data entry.

EBA and Award Compliance Simplified

Stay compliant effortlessly with our automated interpretation engine for EBA and awards, either by project or location.

Digital Timesheets for Seamless Entry

Enable easy timesheet entries for fieldworkers, enhancing payroll accuracy and reducing the time spent chasing missing data.

Reduce Payroll Stress with Digitisation

Transform your payroll admin with our construction payroll software, reducing hours spent on tasks and freeing up time for core business activities.

Unlock Efficiency Today and Streamline Your Payroll
Transform your construction payroll and timesheet management with Neo Intelligence.
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Payroll Engine and software Integration

Alleviate payroll pressure with single-touch payroll

Put an end to double handling of data and tedious matching of hours to project deliverables and timesheets by integrating seamlessly with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks and more.

Shortening your staff payroll processing time, controlling cost outgoings, and keeping you on track, automatically.

Payroll Officer, SG Formwork:
“With Neo Intelligence, it only takes me to do the work of two people. I'm doing it all for 233 employees and processing it for around three hours, which saves an entire day of processing and an entire person as a resource!”
Digital timesheets

Simple for contractors,
supervisors and payroll

Contractors and subcontractors can easily input their working hours, including geo-location, using the Fieldworker and Supervisor App. 

Enabling supervisors and payroll to align EBA rates, track, approve accurately, and invoice clients, all while understanding productivity levels.

Integrate into payroll engines to track and automate the payment and billing process. 

Payroll Officer, Boral:
What sets this apart is not only the efficiency but also the accuracy, as payroll data is directly sourced from our fieldworkers using the Neo Intelligence Fieldworker app, while allowances are meticulously calculated through the Neo Intelligence software."
Construction EBA and awards

Correct staff payments
and billing from day one

The Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) and awards for on-site and off-site construction contractors and subcontractors, including apprentices, are clear.

We take the guesswork out of compliance, aligning EBA and awards with timesheets and payroll, protecting contractors and their employees.

The aerial view

Profit, people, and resource management made simple

With the integration of rosters, projects and assets, you have an aerial view of business operations across all projects or at an individual level—enabling you to approve time allocated across tasks.

Our technology

Tools to execute your workflow end to end

Cloud storage for real-time data

Keep your workforce up to date with live data sharing in the cloud, enabling instant communication and information sharing between anyone, including day subcontractors.

Access from any device

Neo Field Worker, Neo Supervisor and Neo Admin Console are available on any device, placing the focused information in the right team member's hands, not lost in the ute tray.

Custom integrations and development

Transform your business processes and enable a seamless and secure single touch-point to meet your entire construction operation's unique needs.

Intuitive design to fuel productivity

Easy-to-onboard, easy-to-use. Your entire team has the power to collect, consume and action business operation information—from project creation to completion.


What our clients say about Neo Intelligence

Quality Results Concrete
Quality Results Concrete
Ashley Johnson, Manager
"A key feature of Neo Intelligence for QRC has been the integration of enterprise agreements and award interpretation into the program to assist with their payroll, which in turn integrates directly into Xero for payment."
Daniel Ouliaris
Daniel Ouliaris
Founder Neo Intelligence and previous Senior Group Project Manager, OCON Group
At my time at Ocon Group, timesheets and payroll were a massive headache, taking two people two days to complete. Neo cut it down to two hours for one person. Ocon Group has also seen a 75% decrease in admin time and $250,000 savings from wages.

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